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We’ve been Stimulated for a Year – Can you feel it yet? or Where do you get your news? (A BIG plug for NPR)

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 17, 2010

How times flies when you are having fun, a full year since the stimulus.  If you listen to Republicans it was an exercise in fiscal irresponsibility, if you listen to Pres. Obama it has saved us from another Great Depression.  As you might have figured out I do support Pres. Obama, but that doesn’t mean isn’t fair game for criticism.

Here’s something to ponder, I recently had a conversation where the individual compared the current recession to the 70’s.  Saying it wasn’t as bad as that!  Of course I nearly burst a vein.  The other day on NPR with Tom Ashbrook the discussion centered around exactly who is getting hit by this recession, and a startling look at numbers.  In short the upper incomes levels in the country have had minimal impact (would this correlate to your average Republican?) and those hit the hardest (those non Republicans) are in numbers equal to if not greater than the depression.    Take the time to look at this report, look at the figures, look at how they arrived at the figures…somebody out there likes actuarial / stats stuff, what say ye?

And now my shameless plug for NPR – I love NPR – no commercials, and if they are underwritten by a big company for a particular program they come right out and say it.  As opposed to, oh let me think Fox News?  Support your NPR station!


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