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Afraid to criticize Israel – Lest ye be anti-semitic

Posted by politicalmonkey2010 on February 16, 2010

I had an interesting conversation over the weekend, and I have been pondering it for awhile.  If the truth be told this is a conversation I have had repeatedly in one context or another, and inevitably the same sense of “oh, oh, that isn’t politically correct!”  So naturally I am going to expand my opinion in cyberspace…isn’t life grand?

Why is it that when there is a criticism of Israel everybody’s ass starts to twitch?   What is it that we as Americans carry within out psyche that says it isn’t nice to state the truth if it doesn’t reflect well on Israel?  And why is it that we as Americans really don’t understand what exactly is going on “over there” anyway?  It is a complicated issue, it has a long history, which I am beginning to believe if we cannot summarize it in less than 100 words it is just too much information for us to digest…and it must be those crazy Islamic people causing all the trouble anyway.

But I digress, I asked exactly this question – why do we always defend Israel?  And I heard a variety of responses.  Here are two of the more popular responses I get…

1.  We have more in common with them then we do the Muslims or Arabs, after all Jesus was a Jew.

(This answer always amazes me –  for the record I am Catholic. )

2.  The Holocaust!  Those poor people suffered.

For the record I am not a holocaust denier.  It happened, it was obscene in the fullest sense of the word, it must never be forgotten, no holocaust should be forgotten or a blind eye turned – including Rwanda, Armenia, Bosnia and the current holocaust against the Palestinian people.)

If you hang with me on the postings to come, you may hear the sounds of myths and popular propaganda  shattering …you may not agree with me, and that’s ok, most of all I want  you to think!


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